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History of BagRagz

I came up with this idea while standing at the baggage claim and watching piece after piece of plain black canvas luggage come around the turnstile. I travel on a regular basis for both business and pleasure. I thought that if I could create a simple, inexpensive way for people to identify, protect and personalize their luggage, then I might be able to make the entire airport experience a more pleasureable one.

We have all seen the straps, clips, tied on bows and even tape that people use to try and spot their luggage. Those just didn't seem like the right solution. That's why BagRagz were created...creative covers for your luggage.

We take high quality fabric, in seasonal, traditional and modern-day prints, and we shape them to fit your upright luggage. We can even make our own custom fabric designs. We had fun building BagRagz, and we think that you'll enjoy dressing your luggage up in style.

.Pat Traveler

Easy To Use

Step 1 1. Begin with plain unidentifiable luggage.
Step 2 2. Take your new BagRagz cover out of the package.
Step 3 3. Fit your BagRagz around top and slide bottom elastic around your luggage.
Step 4 4. Pull BagRagz down and around luggage, pulling handle out the appropriate handle slit on side.
Step 5 5. Turn luggage around and pull BagRagz down and fold BagRagz off the wheel. Do not pull BagRagz over wheels as this may impede rolling capability of luggage.
Step 6 6. Finish with purely unique and distinguishable luggage ready for travel and speedy identification at baggage claim.



IMPORTANT: Remember to roll your bag at the bottom rear edge so that it stays off the wheels. If your bag gets caught up in the wheel, it could tear or cause luggage to slow or stop rolling. The bag has to "catch" the two front edges on the bottom of your luggage.


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